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Abuse can be devastating to a child.  An abused child often carries life long scars.  Abuse casts a long shadow on an abused child's life.

Abuse is terrible enough when it is inflicted by those who a child loves, but what about when the abuse is made worse by someone who is in power and has the ability to change it? 
What about a judge, someone 'qualified' to make decisions about a child's life? Or an attorney ad litem, someone getting paid to represent the children?  Or a court appointed psychologist, someone who's training makes them an expert in the field?

My name is Derek Scott Roberts.  I was an abused child. 

AbuseLetters.org/comTo make things worse, many people involved
knew I was being abused, but did nothing but cover up the abuse, so it kept happening.
As a child, I wrote numerous letters to those who in 'authority' and 'power' over my family and me.  These people included Judge Dean Huckabee of the 247th Court, John K. Grubb, my court appointed
attorney ad litem, John K. Grubb, Harris County Children's' Protective Services, local and national leaders and others.  As an adult survivor of abuse, I can testify to what I have seen and experienced.
Contained within the pages of this website are numerous letters that I wrote to the people I hoped and prayed would help.  The sad fact is... That they did not help.  They covered up the abuse my sister and
I were enduring, and made it easier for my abuser. 
As you read these letters, I hope that you ask yourself these questions:
    What if this were your child writing these letters?
    What if you were the child?
The purpose of this site is to open  the blind eyes and the deaf ears of the world, and make people ask, "Could this happen in our courts today?" 

I believe the answer is yes; it does every day.



Pic Why would I make these letters, which represent a very personal and private struggle, available for everyone to read? Because abuse is like a disease, festering in dark (right )places. It isn't until we are open and honest about abuse that we can end abuse.  I hope these letters inspire people into action..."

by: Derek S. Roberts

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